Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing is impossible in China

No pond, roadside also can!

It's a truck or motorcycle? It's a truck-cycle!

Cabin gone? No problem, as long as can drive, can already!

Sliding wheels. Now it's in, now it's out!

Pillion riders get upper view!

Doing big business in China!

No such thing as scrap in China!

So clever, pure genius!

Sleep anywhere also can!

Grandma on wheels!

Creative thinking!

Taking cover!

Same license no? No problem, as long as different color!

3 little pigs went to market!

Tyre-less car?

Tyre-less police cars?

You have pillion seat and economy seat, take your pick!

Doing small business in China!

Practicing the art of intimacy if you can tolerate the smell!

No horse power but motor power!

Grandma joined the army!

Early version of MP3 player!

Parallel Parking!

Who says mountain top got no toilet?

Your family dentist and the rusty plier?

Defying gravity!

Early version of Singapore Flyer!

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